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Ideas For Decking In Your New Home


Polyethene plastic combines with wood waste, such as sawdust and tiny wood dust fibres, to create composite decking. The material is recycled plastic bottles and milk jugs. Like wood decking planks, composite decking can be cut, screwed, and fastened, but it cannot be power-washed, shaped, or sanded. Modern coat composite boards with UV inhibitors and borate preservatives to withstand fading, moisture, and mould. (First-generation Trex boards’ Achilles’ heel was moisture and mildew.) To completely seal the elements, cap many with a PVC surface layer. 

Composite boards can be solid throughout or manufactured with hollow cores to make them lighter and use less material. Some are machined with tongues and grooves, while others have hidden fastening grooves for attaching to deck joists. You don’t have to be concerned about warping, knots, cracks, or other flaws when working with composite decking because it is a synthetic product. Not only that, but you never have to treat it for termites or carpenter ants because it is resistant to insect damage. Check the composite decking Melbourne price from our website to see what suits your needs. 

Why Should You Go For Composite Decking? 

Low Upkeep 

Composite decking never needs to be refinished or stained. To keep it looking its best, you need to wash it sometimes, but you can do that with soap and water. Get grey composite decking or white composite decking from us to add some colour to your decks. 


 Product engineers go to considerable lengths to design goods that outlast wood. A composite wood deck usually lasts between 25 and 30 years. On the other hand, pressure-treated and hardwood decking may last 20 years if you’re lucky.

Nail-Free Alternatives 

for usage with concealed fasteners and composite boards with grooved edges are devised. When they screw the boards to the deck joists, they securely hold them in place by clipping into the grooves. They generate a clear deck surface and are simple to use.

Long Lasting 

Based on your spending limit, preferred style and colour, preferred fastener, preferred placement, and code requirements, choose composite lumber decking. Try eco-decking in Melbourne from our company. 

How To Maintain Composite Decking? 

When you use composite decking, homeowners may enjoy their decks more and spend less time maintaining them. Although this decking material requires little maintenance, cleaning and upkeep are occasionally necessary.

Basic decking cleaning every three to six months to remove debris, grime, and soil that can gather and sit on your boards over time. We advise using a soft bristles brush and warm, soapy water to clean the boards’ surface on a general basis. It is typically unadvisable to pressure wash composite decking, which can be disastrous if done incorrectly. Our composite decking suppliers in Melbourne offer affordable rates for decking services. 

Your deck may suffer if you apply pressure too closely or with excessive force. Because composite decking is softer than real wood, it may be “etched” more easily.

Here Are Six Quick Methods To Keep Your Deck Looking Beautiful

  • Clean Food Waste As soon as possible.
  • Do not remove snow should with shovels or sharp edges. 
  • Avoid tannins. 
  • Handle fire with extreme caution.
  • Clean up spills of oil or grease right away.

With minimal upkeep, composite decking can last for 25 to 30 years. Plastic decking has an average lifespan of 30 years, which is comparable to composite decking. We are the most efficient decking suppliers in MelbourneContact us to get your decking supplies. 

Image Sources :  Tuffdeck Australia


Many homeowners erroneously assume that composite decking won’t require any maintenance, which could result in neglecting to take care of the decking while building new decks or tearing down existing ones. This will consequently result in additional issues in the future. Although warping and mould growth is uncommon with composites, it is possible if you ignore composite decking. Additionally, when consumers neglect their decking for an extended period, they start over-cleaning as soon as staining or marking appears, employing harsh chemicals or techniques that can further harm the boards. To maintain their best appearance for the longest time, all decking materials need upkeep.

Your decking’s lifespan shortens, and its attractiveness will be affected if you don’t maintain it. The three most popular types of decking material are wood, PVC, and composite. Wood decking is the most maintenance-intensive of these materials, but the others, which are more lasting, need less maintenance. Our facilities providing composite decking in Melbourne give you the benefit of the best decking service. 

Composite decking is less stressful, labour-intensive, and expensive because it requires little upkeep. All of this translates to long-term time and financial savings. Although composite decking requires maintenance during its lifespan—unlike wood decking—it is low maintenance rather than no maintenance. To keep their decking looking good and extend its lifespan, homeowners should clean it periodically.

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