The Best Photographs of Barack Obama’s Presidency – In Pictures


Barack Obama’s time in the White House has been a time of inspiring photographs. From his inauguration to the final moments of his presidency, the President has been capturing the world’s attention through these images. These are some of our favorite photos from Barack Obama’s presidency.

The Obamas at the White House Halloween party, 2009

The Obamas are dressed as the King and Queen of Pop Culture.

In 2009, the Obamas attended a Halloween party at the White House wearing costumes inspired by Michael Jackson and his sister Janet. The First Lady wore a black sequined dress with her hair styled in a bouffant, while President Obama donned black pants with gold chains around his neck and wrists–a nod to MJ’s signature attire. The couple was later photographed dancing together on stage at another event during their time in office, which has since become one of the most memorable moments captured during their time as first family.


We have seen the Obamas in many different roles over the years: as husband and wife, parents, community organizers. Now that they’re leaving their post as President and First Lady, we’ll miss them dearly. But as you can see from these photos, they’re never far away from our hearts.