The 10 Most Exciting New Artists Who Are Going to Blow Up in 2018


2018 is going to be a good year for music. There’s a lot of new talent that’s already making waves, and it looks like we’ll be hearing even more from them soon. Here are 10 artists who will blow up in 2018:

Rayana Jay

Rayana Jay is a singer-songwriter from New York who has a unique sound, strong social media presence and the potential to be a big star.

Jay’s voice stands out in a crowded field of young artists trying to break through with their own style of R&B or pop music. The 21-year-old was discovered by Grammy award-winning producer Ron G at 16 years old after posting her songs online, according to Fox News. He then signed her onto his label, which helped propel her career forward as she continued writing songs that were inspired by her difficult childhood growing up in Queens (where she lived with her mother).

“I grew up listening to old school R&B like Aaliyah and Monica,” she told People magazine last year when asked about how she developed her style of music.”


Dizzy is a rapper from Harlem, New York. She’s best known for her singles “Drip” and “SXSW,” both of which were released in 2017. Dizzy is a member of the hip-hop collective The Pack; her debut mixtape Dizzy Drip came out this year as well.

The Marías

The Marías are a pop group from Madrid, Spain. They were born in 2017 and have been making music since then. Their parents were both musicians, so it’s no surprise that they grew up with an appreciation for music–and an understanding of its power to connect people across cultures and languages.

The Marías’ sound has been compared to artists like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and Imagine Dragons because of their use of electric guitar riffs; however they also incorporate other instruments into their songs such as piano or flute (which helps give them their unique sound). Their first album was released on June 29th 2018 called “El mundo en que vivimos” (“The world we live in”).

YBN Nahmir, YBN Cordae, and YBN Almighty Jay

YBN Nahmir is a rapper from Alabama who started off by uploading videos of himself freestyling on Instagram. He has since gained over four million followers and collaborated with some big names like Drake and Travis Scott.

Nahmir’s rise to fame was helped by his involvement in the YBN crew, which also includes Cordae (another Alabama native) and Almighty Jay (who grew up in Atlanta). The three rappers are all young and talented, but they’ve had different journeys to success–you can expect them each to make waves this year!


STEAM DOWN is a group of four artists from Atlanta. The group is made up of two brothers, a cousin and a friend. STEAM DOWN signed to Quality Control Music in 2018 and has released two singles, “Trap” and “No Sleep.”

Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui is a singer, songwriter and actress. She is best known for being a member of Fifth Harmony, but has also released two solo singles: “Expectations” and “More Than That.”

Jauregui has been working on her debut album since 2017, which will be released sometime this year. The lead single from this project was “Strangers,” which peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified platinum by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

Jorja Smith & Ella Mai

Jorja Smith is a British singer-songwriter who’s been making waves in music since she was a teenager. In 2017, she signed with Drake’s label OVO Sound and released her debut EP Lost & Found that same year. She also collaborated with Stormzy and Kendrick Lamar on their respective albums.

Ellie Mai is an American singer/songwriter who broke onto the scene in 2017 when she released her single “Boo’d Up.” The song went viral on Spotify, landing her over 25 million streams within its first six months of being released (and it still hasn’t stopped).

Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack is a rapper from Philadelphia who released her first album in 2018. She’s known for her unique style of rapping, singing and dancing–all at the same time. Her songs are short but sweet, with catchy beats and lyrics that hit you like a ton of bricks.

Whack’s music videos often feature her dancing in front of an audience or interacting with people on the street (and sometimes even animals) while wearing brightly colored outfits that match her music perfectly. The best part? You can tell she’s having fun doing it!


SASAMI is a singer, songwriter and producer from London. She’s signed to Atlantic Records and her music is described as “soulful.” Her debut EP is called Reverie.


Dounia is a singer-songwriter from the UK. She is the daughter of a French mother and Moroccan father, who met in London when they were both studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Dounia grew up in Paris before moving to London as a teenager.

She released two EPs: “Dounia” and “Dounia II.” The first EP was produced by JP Cooper, while she co-wrote every track on both EPs with him. It features her powerful vocals over an acoustic guitar backing track that sounds like something straight out of Mumford & Sons’ playbook–but there’s nothing derivative about it at all!

There’s a lot of new talent you need to know about.

There’s a lot of new talent you need to know about. In order of importance:

  • XXXTentacion
  • SZA
  • Lil Pump
  • Kid Cudi (the album was great)


We’re looking forward to seeing these artists continue their rise in 2018. Some of them have already had breakout years, but we think there’s still more great music on the horizon from each one of them. Check out their songs on Spotify or Apple Music and get familiar with these new faces before they become household names!