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Prior Notice Web Entry Enhancements


If your fda prior notice web entry Status is currently Pending, this indicates that the system has yet to identify an application with matching Holding Facility information submitted previously. Check back shortly for an update!

The FDA Food Facility Registration Number is an individual ID assigned by the Food and Drug Administration that must be entered as specified into each field of entry.

Product Codes

PNSI was updated with several application enhancements to improve user experience. For example, the Find Product Code Wizard now removes extra spaces from search strings, and Prior Notice: Related Facilities (View) allows for you to enter additional information about manufacturers/producers of food articles if needed. Error handling was enhanced so as to provide more clarity as well as direct you directly towards corrective pages if errors occurred.

If you have verified the information submitted in your prior notice is complete and accurate, select Yes on the Save Prior Notice? page, print your Web Entry Summary Confirmation page to present to CBP upon arrival, as well as keep for your records.

If you are submitting a Prior Notice through PNSI for an entry made in ABI/ACE, use this process to submit both your ABI/ACE Entry Number and FDA-regulated product codes. See the Product Code Tutorial for assistance when entering product codes into PNSI.

Product Descriptions

As soon as you create a Prior Notice, the system searches the FDA database for an FDA Product Code that best describes your item of food. Search results present you with potential matches as well as HTS tariff items where applicable; choose one which best matches the article being sent out for shipment.

The system also asks if your shipment includes articles subject to regulations requiring prior notification, such as low-acid canned infant formula and acidified foods. If so, you must provide all of the relevant details about them.

Once completed, the system displays a Web Entry (View) page along with any requested copies of Prior Notices. This page allows you to review your submission and make corrections electronically before sending it off to CBP for review and submission; upon successful submission you will receive a Confirmation Number upon completion; should this not occur then food items may be refused due to lack of Prior Notice.


The system validates all information entered, and determines whether the product is manufactured or grown. If it’s manufactured, choose the Manufacturer page (Figure 7), enter information such as Food Facility Registration Number, Business Name and City to locate its manufacturer of imported food products.

Enter all Production Identifiers required by FDA statute or regulation for low-acid canned foods, acidified foods and infant formula. If the product is grown on-site (Figure 8), enter any Production Identifiers necessary for its grower/consolidator of imported food products.

Save Prior Notice should be selected when your Web Entry and all of its associated Prior Notices are accurate and complete, to cause them to be confirmed by the system. However, this does not mean that food will be allowed entry until all requirements of FD&C Act prior notice have been fulfilled; should any information need changing, new prior notice should be submitted instead.


Search functionality has been improved on the Find Product Code Wizard by eliminating extra spaces that might have been entered before or after searching – this should help avoid incorrect search results.

If you are submitting Prior Notice Web Entries for Food Items that are still natural in their state, the Prior Notice: Related Facilities (View) page now features an entry for Grower/Consolidators information. Simply choose “Enter Grower/Consolidator Information.”

You will need to provide information such as the Submitter’s Food Facility Registration Number (issued when they registered using FDA’s Food Facility Registration System), Business Name, City and E-mail Address of their Submitter as well as where the article originated and whether or not a Baggage Entry Type entry applies; in that case a Web Entry Summary Confirmation should be printed prior to arriving at Port of Arrival – for more details see Completing a Web Entry and Accessing a Web Entry Summary Confirmation topics.

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