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Lock Smith – Wilson Locksmith Services Available in Melbourne


Wilson knows the importance of protecting your house, Our Lockout services offer a comprehensive variety of residential locksmith services with quick, reliable service times that will secure your valuables and loved ones. Wilson Locksmith in southeast Melbourne uses quality ensured home security goods at cheap and guaranteed costs; from changing or re-keying locks to installing extremely extensive home security systems, Wilson Locksmith Melbourne is a great option for residential locksmith services near you. Our skilled technicians have the requisite qualifications, expertise, and have been certified in the area by industry professionals. We ensure your complete satisfaction.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service

If you have ever been locked out of your home or office, you know how frustrating it can be to find yourself in a pickle. Thankfully, here to rescue you from your plight. We offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service for all your residential, commercial and automotive lock related emergencies.

We have a fleet of well equipped and highly experienced mobile locksmiths available to assist you. With over fifteen years in the business, you can be sure that your locks are in capable hands. Our locksmiths are fully licensed and insured to handle the task at hand without compromising your privacy. Call our friendly and knowledgeable staff now to get a free quote for our superior services. You can also check out our testimonials page to read about the many satisfied customers that have entrusted their home and workplace security to our professional team of experts.

Residential Locksmith Service

If you live in Melbourne, Australia and want to keep your house and property secure from burglars, it is important that you hire a professional residential locksmith to install and repair the locks on your doors. These professionals are highly experienced and can work on any lock system to ensure it is safe, secure and functioning properly.

A locksmith can also help you with installing panic exit bars in your home to help you get out quickly in case of an emergency. They can also recommend security cameras that you can place around your property to watch over it while you are away from it.

It is also a good idea to upgrade your door entry systems to keyless options. These systems make it much more difficult to break into your home and are a great way to ensure that no one gets into your home without a legitimate reason.

Commercial Locksmith Service

The most common service that they provide is to change old locks with new ones. This can be done for any type of lock from a deadbolt to a door knob.

Another common service that they offer is to rekey locks. This will allow owners to have one master key that unlocks and locks all the doors in a building. It can save time and money because there is no need to carry around a large ring of keys for every room in the building.

Automotive Locksmith Service

If you need to replace or duplicate a key, a professional auto locksmith is the way to go. These professionals have the skills and tools needed to make keys, rekey locks, replace ignition parts, fix door locks and more.

A car lockout is a scary situation, especially if you’re locked out of your car at home or on the road. But an auto locksmith can help you out and save you a lot of stress by helping you to unlock your car without damaging the locks.


A locksmith will use different strategies to break into your vehicle, based on the type of locking system it has. One of the most common strategies is called “jimmying.” This involves sliding a slim Jim or thin piece of metal between your car window and the weather stripping on your car door.

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