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Questions To Ask Mine Clinic Doctor Before Undergoing Treatment


Are you searching for a plastic surgeon? You may have been thinking of anti-aging skin care treatments or facelift procedures. Irrespective of the type of procedure you are browsing for at this stage, you may have plenty of questions in your mind. You may not have an idea of where to begin your quest. You are also clueless about the questions you should pose to the expert. 

What you should ask

If you are one of those individuals intimidated by the idea of posing questions to men of authority, do not fret. He is the expert who is going to play a key role in modifying your appearance. It is your right to ask questions and seek clarification if necessary. MINE Plastic Surgery specialists have extensive knowledge about the latest medical treatment options. Forget your anxiety and jot down the following questions you may want to ask.

1. Are you certified?

It is of utmost importance to have the procedure done by a board-certified expert. The market is flooded with a wide variety of options. The expert you are considering for your purpose should be a member of any of the recognized surgical societies. Mine Clinic surgical instruments are disinfected and adhere to sanitization protocols.

2. Have you done this procedure before?

The specialty of surgeons varies. You would not want to discuss your cosmetic needs with an ophthalmologist. Getting hold of the right expert is essential. A healthcare expert may have expertise in breast augmentation techniques, while another may have specialization in facial contouring. Based on your requirements, you should opt for an efficient doctor. You would not want to be the first case in his hands. You may feel uncomfortable or awkward to ask this type of question to a healthcare service provider. It is better to be rude, rather than be embarrassed because you would not want your body features to be disfigured. 

3. What type of healthcare staff will offer assistance during the procedure?

Have a fair idea about the support team of the expert. Inquire about their qualifications too. Find out the specialist who will be administering anesthesia. Ask if any emergency staff is ready to offer help in case a sudden need arises. You should also obtain information about whether medical students would be lending support during the surgical procedure. All such questions will help you get a thorough idea about the type of care you may expect to obtain. You would not want to end with substandard care.  

4. What types of risks are involved?

Before going for a procedure, you should gain awareness about side effects. Common side effects may be swelling, discomfort, nausea, and so on. It is the responsibility of healthcare providers to educate the patients in this aspect. In general, hardly any complication occurs. Bleeding and infections may occur in rare cases.

Taking a sensible stand

Well-done research will help you to wind up with a competent healthcare provider. The expert you choose must adhere to ethical standards. 

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