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The Pros of Buying Ex-Display Hot Tubs | What You Need to Know


Are you fed up with waiting months for the construction of your ideal hot tub? Another possibility is that the hefty cost of a brand-new model turns you off. If so, a used display hot tub can be the answer to your problems. With none of the inconvenience or high cost of a brand-new hot tub, these used models provide all the comfort and luxury. In this post, you will learn the advantages of purchasing an Ex-display hot tub that has been in a showroom as well as some advice for using and caring for your new tub, including the significance of the control panel, spare parts, and accessories. So let’s explore the world of used hot tub displays!

Benefits of Buying Ex-Display Hot Tubs


One of the main advantages of purchasing an ex-display hot tub is that you may save a sizable sum of money. Hot tub retailers frequently offer discounts on their previous display models, making them a more cost-effective choice for consumers on a tight budget. For individuals who want a high-quality hot tub but don’t want to break the budget, this may be very alluring.

Reduced Wait Time: 

You can get your hands on an ex-display hot tub right away, which is another benefit. Ex-display hot tubs are already in stock and can be picked up in person or delivered straight away, unlike new hot tubs which might take weeks or even months to build and deliver.

Good Condition: 

Don’t be misled by the “ex-display” designation; many hot tubs used as exhibits are in excellent shape. Often, they are kept in good condition and just slightly damaged from being on display. This implies that you can still enjoy a hot tub that is in great shape without having to shell out a premium for a brand-new one.


Several ex-display hot tubs also include warranties, giving customers peace of mind. This implies that you can have the hot tub repaired or replaced at no additional cost if any problems occur. When buying an ex-display hot tub, be important to ask about the warranty to make sure you are covered.

Understanding and Navigating Your Ex-Display Hot Tub

Hot Tub Control Panel:

The command centre of your former display hot tub is the hot tub control panel. It enables you to regulate your hot tub’s temperature, jet speed, and lighting, among other features. Making the most of your hot tub requires knowing how to utilize the control panel properly. In this part, we’ll go over the many elements of a hot tub control panel and offer advice on how to make the most of it.

Hot Tub Spares:

You need hot tub spares to maintain and fix your ex-display hot tub. Hot tubs feature numerous moving parts that may require replacement over time, ranging from filters and pumps to heaters and jets. Finding and replacing these parts on your own will help your hot tub last longer and save you money on repairs. The most popular hot tub spares will be covered in this part, along with advice on where to look and how to replace them.

Hot Tub Accessories:

Your hot tub experience can be improved with the use of hot tub accessories. The appropriate accessories may make your hot tub safer, cosier, and more pleasurable. They include things like mood lighting, waterproof speakers, steps, and covers. We’ll go through the many kinds of hot tub accessories that are out there in this part and offer advice on how to pick the finest ones for your requirements.

Ending Lines

Ex-display hot tub purchases can have a number of advantages, such as lower costs, shorter wait times, excellent condition, and warranties. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to comprehend and use your hot tub efficiently, which includes being able to use the hot tub control panel, locate and swap out hot tub spares, and add the appropriate hot tub accoutrements.

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