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Best Recruiting Agencies


Recruiting agencies Oakville can save companies time and money by sourcing talent for specialized positions. They also provide staffing solutions for a wide range of career areas, including administration, accounting, sales, and executive jobs.

Working with a local headhunter can dramatically increase the number of qualified candidates available to you during your job search. Local recruitment firms have amazing candidates on file who are open to new career opportunities!

Executive Search

Executive Search is a specialized recruiting service that locates high-level professionals for senior and executive positions. This service requires a thorough understanding of the client’s business and the specific job requirements. It also requires strong communication and collaboration. In addition, an executive recruiter must be able to convince candidates that the role is an excellent career opportunity.

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, which are usually paid a flat fee for their services, executive search firms are typically charged a percentage of the candidate’s first-year compensation. Using this approach, headhunting companies are more likely to find top-quality candidates.

When you are looking for an executive recruiter in Oakville, you should choose a firm with a broad network of industry contacts. For example, the Bedford Group/TRANSEARCH is North America’s leading privately held executive search and talent strategy firm, with offices in Toronto, Oakville and Calgary. They are the region’s best choice for specialized recruitment. They have a highly experienced team of specialist accounting and finance, HR and office administration recruiters.

Contract Staffing

When companies need to increase capacity for a project or seasonal demand, they turn to contract staffing. This allows them to quickly add expertise without the additional time and expense of recruiting, selecting, interviewing, hiring and training a new team member. It also helps businesses save on costs like benefits, payroll taxes and training.

A specialized staffing agency can make this process easier by using its connections, resources and accumulated pools of passive candidates looking for a new job. It can also reduce the risk of a bad hire by matching a candidate’s skill set to your company’s culture.

In most cases, the recruiting agency will bill the client a percentage of the employee’s salary. This is a popular pricing model because it’s simple and effective. As clients pay bills consistently, the recruitment agency can begin to generate recurring revenue. Staffing agencies also help their clients manage cash flow by providing the flexibility to hire employees on a project basis.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing agencies (also known as temp agencies) match job seekers with temporary positions, which can range from short to long-term contracts. They also offer a way for workers to gain experience in new industries before making a full-time commitment.

A good temp agency will be able to quickly fill short-term roles with skilled candidates, and they will provide a wide selection of temporary employees to choose from. They can also help businesses reduce costs by lowering their hiring expenses and mitigating legal risks.

Pricing for temp agency services is typically based on a percentage of the worker’s annual salary. This percentage covers a variety of non-negotiable direct costs, such as taxes and fees. The remaining amount is set aside for profit. The cost of a temp agency can add up, but it can be an efficient way to find and hire talent when your company needs it. Whether it’s for project-based or short-term assignments, hiring temporary workers can accelerate the process and free up time for managers.

Direct Hire

Unlike contract-based positions, direct hire positions are long-term and salaried and report directly to the company. Staffing agencies often use this process to fill roles that require a unique hard skill set and may be able to help you locate candidates that can quickly step into your organization.

In some cases, recruiting agencies will also recruit for direct hire positions on your behalf, which can save you time and effort. They’ll conduct screening and interview processes on your behalf, ensuring that the candidate fits your precise hiring criteria.

This method of recruiting is ideal for organizations that want to promote longevity within their workforce. It can take longer to review candidates for a fit, but when you find the right person they’ll be your employee for years to come, so it’s worth the extra effort. However, you’ll have to take on the costs of new hire onboarding and training. You should have this in mind before you commit to using this type of recruitment.

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