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How to Excel as an Event Manager in Today’s Competitive Market


Suppose you are already part of the event management industry or want to be part of the event management industry. In that case, you have to master a specific skill set to have a successful career as an event manager.

However, remember that a career in the event management industry can often be stressful. If you are not up to handling the stress, a career in this industry may not be ideal. Moreover, you also have to be resilient.

Before we discuss the skill set you require for a successful career, it is essential to understand what event management is.

Event management is about planning events, such as conferences, seminars, and other significant–scale events.

Now let us look at the skill set you will require to have a thriving career as an event manager in today’s highly competitive market.

1. Communication skills

As an event manager, you would come across people from varying backgrounds- for instance, the sponsors, the audience, the vendors, celebrities, clients etc. You have to communicate with them effectively to ensure everything falls in place according to the plan.

Merely communicating to make things fall in place is not enough. Your communication skills should reflect the interest that you have in the people that you speak with. Establishing a genuine connection with the people around you would be best.

If you have committed any mistake, you should not shy away from apologizing for the error you have committed. While talking to the people around you, you should speak politely. That would help to put people around you at ease.

To further enhance event booking and management, you can use online event scheduling software like Picktime. The software is designed specifically for event management professionals.

Picktime is an excellent event scheduling software that provides event managers with the options they need to plan and manage events of all sizes. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Picktime helps event managers streamline their workflow and save time, so they can focus on creating memorable events.

One of the key features of Picktime is its ability to manage multiple events simultaneously. Event managers can easily create, edit, and manage events in one central location, which makes it easy to keep track of all the details associated with each event. Additionally, Picktime allows event managers to set up custom event registration forms, which can be tailored to the needs of each event.

Picktime also provides event managers with tools to manage event attendees. This includes an easy-to-use RSVP system, which allows event managers to track attendance and send reminders to attendees. Picktime also provides reporting features, which can help event managers gain insight into attendees and other important metrics.

Overall, Picktime is an excellent event scheduling software for event managers. With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and integration capabilities, Picktime can help event managers streamline their workflow and create successful events.

2. Being a team player 

Planning, organizing, and plan execution is not a person’s job. As an event manager, you must collaborate with your team to make the event successful.

However, it would be best if you were also open to suggestions from the team and go along, even if you disagree with their recommendations. It would be best if you held yourself accountable for your actions and your team’s and performed the duties expected of you with total commitment.

3. Display leadership qualities

If you want to be a successful event manager, you have to display leadership qualities. You have to guide your team and give clear instructions on their assigned tasks. The success of the team and the event depend heavily on your leadership qualities.

As an event manager, you also have to be highly motivated, cheerful and communicate with passion and energy. You should also not compromise on integrity, be trustworthy, and have impeccable time management skills.

These qualities will assist you in having a thriving career and becoming highly desirable in the event management industry.

4. Be a multitasker

Being an event manager, you may have to handle many tasks. For instance, you may have to negotiate a deal on hotel booking, hire a caterer, meet a rental vendor, and devise a plan to entertain the guests at the event.

Furthermore, you also have to meet the clients to give an update on the preparation for the event. To have a thriving career as an event manager, you have to be multi- multi-tasker.

Your success and the event’s success depend on your ability to prioritize. To be an effective multi-tasker, you must learn to stay calm, highly motivated, and flexible. Moreover, you should also not get distracted by less essential tasks.

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5. Planning meticulously

If you want to succeed as an event manager, you have to be a meticulous planner. For instance, you have to complete the tasks according to the timeline established by the client and keep the budget in check, be punctual, and keep up with the schedule.

You can perform the tasks only if you plan everything meticulously. It will also prepare you for all eventualities. You may even have to remember the minutest details and pay attention to them while keeping the event’s whole purpose in mind while planning for the event. That will help not to deviate from the original purpose of the event.

6. Time management skill

Time is a very precious resource that you have to use wisely. Therefore, you have to master the art of time management. That is prioritizing tasks at hand based on urgency. When you prioritize the tasks based on urgency, you can complete more tasks in less time.

As an event manager, you may often work on a tight schedule to complete the tasks. If you do not master the skill, handling the tasks may often be tricky. You may not deliver what you have promised to the clients.

7. Be innovative

Remember that it is easy to fall prey to the usual practices existing in the industry. If you want to be ahead in the competition, you should refrain from following the normal procedures in the industry.

Otherwise, you cannot stay ahead of the competition if you follow  the usual procedures. Instead, you can be more open to and experiment with new ideas. That way, you can bring meaningful changes to the existing practices.

The road to change may not always be easy, but if you manage to convince your team to try something new and challenging. Your team may surprise you with intelligent solutions to the challenges that you may encounter. Doing so can make you highly competitive and desirable in the event management industry.

In conclusion, to have a successful career as an event manager in today’s highly competitive market, you should have a particular skill set- communication, team player, leadership, meticulous planning, and time management skills. These skill sets will help you organize successful events for your client’s expectations and achieve the event’s true purpose.

You should also be more open to new ideas and muster the courage to experiment. By doing, you can stay ahead of the curve and emerge as the trend maker in the event management industry.

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