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Handyman Services in Mississauga


Mississauga, situated outside Toronto, provides visitors with many activities. Boasting stunning parks and cultural experiences that bring people from different walks of life together, Mississauga provides something for everyone in Mississauga.

Hiring a Handyman Services in Mississauga to perform minor repairs is an affordable solution for small projects, like covering any cracks or holes in walls with plaster. A skilled local pro may even offer advice about preventing future issues with your walls from happening again!

Drywall and Plastering Repair

Drywall installers and finishers are highly-skilled craftspeople who can successfully tackle nearly every drywall-related challenge. Their job requires cutting pieces of drywall to fit each wall before nailing them securely to wall studs; taping and sanding seams and corners until their surfaces are smooth; replacing damaged sections; fixing dented ones, as well as installing metal corner beads to reinforce corners if necessary.

Plaster walls require special care and expertise when it comes to their restoration. Minor problems, like nail holes and chips from furniture can often be fixed with spackling paste; however, wide cracking or sagging usually indicates moisture damage as well as potential structural issues such as shifting foundations.

Local pros offer more than wall patching and repair; they can also paint them. Furthermore, they can install wall-mounted TVs, reduce drafts by installing weather stripping around doors and windows, install window AC units as well as help select materials for DIY projects.


Doing a home makeover or just need new paint on your walls, handymen are there to help you achieve the desired look. They can measure and cut drywall sheets to fit the space they are going in before installing them securely on wall studs. After which, they tape and sand joint tape smooth and ready for painting before finally painting all areas such as ceiling, trim doors etc to give each room an entirely new look! Find local pros with ease on Angi.

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Handymen should be capable of installing and repairing virtually all forms of equipment in your home, whether large or small. From plumbing repairs, caulking, tiling and anything else you might require. Handyman Mississauga Contracting offers free written quotes and site inspections for every project they take on.

Mohamed and Tamer take great pleasure in working closely with both customers and artisans to reach the objectives for their projects together. They take immense pride in the contributions their business makes to the local community as well as its positive effect on family life and friendship bonds.


After living in various countries around the world, Mohamed Hussein and Siham decided to call Mississauga home. They found it an ideal location to raise their family while starting a business; with excellent housing, schools and cultural experiences. After realizing a need for such services in Mississauga’s neighborhood they established Handyman Connection Mississauga Contracting which offers free, written guaranteed quotes on all their work.

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