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The 8 most powerful mages in the Dragon Quest series


Whether they are allies or enemies, these mages have the ability to utilize the elements to perform the strongest spells in the Dragon Quest series.

One of the longest-running video game series, the Dragon Quest series, has had a significant influence on many elements that define role-playing games, such as characteristics and casting spells. As more spells have been introduced to each game, casting spells has become tougher over time, and mages are often the strongest characters.

There are adversaries and bosses that employ the same magic and fulfill the standard definition of a mage, despite the fact that some of the spellcasters on this list are claimed to be Mages. They deserve to be referred to be some of the most powerful mages in the Dragon Quest series due to how strong they are in the game and the plot.

Nera Briscoletti – Dragon Quest 5

Nera Briscoletti - Dragon Quest 5

Nera is one of the three mages the player can recruit in Dragon Quest 5. When the hero goes to Mostroferrato to get the Zenithian Shield, he meets her there. Then she joins the party and becomes a potential bride for the player.

Even though all of the mage party members in the game are strong, they also pay attention to how much damage their weapons do. Nera, on the other hand, is a spellcaster first and foremost, so she has access to better spells and can do the most damage with magic. She is the only one who can heal and one of the few characters in the early games who can use explosion spells like “Boom.”

Dreadmaster – Dragon Quest 9

Dreadmaster - Dragon Quest 9

When the ghost of a school principal eats one of Yggdrasil’s Fyggs, the result is the Dreadmaster. The Fygg gives him everything he wants and turns him into a monster to make sure his students are good.

As the hero looks for the Fygg, he or she comes across Swinedimples Academy. To get the Fygg, the hero must beat the Dreadmaster. Even though he doesn’t have a lot of spells, he tends to use “Psych Up,” which makes his next attack do more damage. After using the ability a few times, his next spell could do so much damage that it could kill a member of the party in one hit.

Jessica Albert – Dragon Quest 8

Jessica Albert - Dragon Quest 8

Despite her occasional temper, Jessica is one of the most crucial party members in Dragon Quest 8. She is one of the greatest female characters in the fireboy and watergirl game and one of the most potent spellcasters, so if anything, her rage makes her magic even stronger.

Most of Jessica’s spells are offensive in nature. Her limited talents for healing and buffing come from her charm tree rather than her magic. Her spellbook, however, more than makes up for this. With her high MP and a spell like “Kafrizzle,” she may easily dispatch any foe.

Mordegon – Dragon Quest 11

Mordegon - Dragon Quest 11

This Dragon Quest 11 villain is more than just a terrifying face. He has a strong magic ability. A monster army under the command of Mordegon is used to overthrow whole kingdoms, including the one where the protagonist’s parents reside. He alters the continent’s monsters’ brains and turns Yggdrasil Island into his own fortress.

The Luminary becomes tougher to defeat in combat after you defeat him the first time. He has the ability to cast spells that do a lot of damage as well as spells like “Snub” and “Disruptive Wave” that may remove bonuses from the group.

Veronica – Dragon Quest 11

Veronica - Dragon Quest 11

Most people agree that Veronica is one of the best spellcasters in the whole series. With the right setup, she can become a powerful magician, which makes it easy for her to join the party. Serenica, a wise and powerful woman who helped the first Luminary, is Veronica’s ancestor. She and her sister Serena are both powerful spellcasters with a long list of magical skills.

Veronica can do a lot of damage to bosses and groups by combining skills like “Channel Anger” and “Enchanting Echo” with spells like “Kafrizzle” and “Kaboomle.”

Murdaw – Dragon Quest 6

Murdaw - Dragon Quest 6

During the beginning of Dragon Quest 6, Murdaw beats the heroes and sends them to the Dream Realm. Where their memories are wiped. This power is very strong, and he uses it to send whole buildings and towns to the Dream World.

He is also very strong in battle, and many players said that his boss fight was one of the hardest in the whole series. This is because he has the ability to blind and distract teammates, rendering them nearly useless while he increases his own damage. Murdaw is not a mage that players will want to fight without being ready.

Zoma – Dragon Quest 3

Zoma - Dragon Quest 3

Fans of the series will want to know about Zoma, the magical genius from Dragon Quest 3, since a remake is in the works. This ancient sorcerer once threw the whole world into darkness, and now he has come back to do it again.

Zoma’s power is shown not only by his history and his army of the dead. But also by how hard he can be for the hero. His ice magic can do a lot of damage to the whole team. And he can heal himself and protect himself with spells like “Bounce.” This makes it hard to hurt him with magic. Which is why he is considered by many players to be one of the hardest bosses in the series.

Rhapthorne – Dragon Quest 8

Rhapthorne - Dragon Quest 8

Rhapthorne is the true final boss of Dragon Quest 8, and he can take over anyone who touches the Godbird Scepter that traps him. He used to control Dhoulmagus, but after the party won, he now controls Jessica. Rhapthorne is the Lord of Darkness, and he is trying to take over the World of Light as well. He is getting so strong that his body is starting to swell, which is causing time and space to bend.

He is also very dangerous in battle because he can use “Lullaby Eye” to put people to sleep and “Meditation” to heal himself. It feels good to beat his final form. Which is one of the many reasons why players want Dragon Quest 8 to be remastered.

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