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The Various Kinds Of Premises Licence Application And Their Key Benefits


To lawfully create enterprises that deal with the sale or supply of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment, or the selling of late-night snacks, premises licence applications are crucial. Applications for many premises licences are available, each catering to distinct needs and activities. To better grasp the licencing process in the UK, this article seeks to give relevant insights into the various forms of premises licence application and their primary advantages:

  • Businesses that specialize in selling or supplying alcohol for use on the premises must submit an on-licence application. Pubs, taverns, restaurants, and hotels are a few examples. These establishments can sell alcoholic beverages to their patrons lawfully by obtaining an on-licence. It is essential to remember that certain restrictions, such as operation hours, capacity restrictions, and required staff training, may apply according to the local authorities.
  • For companies that want to offer alcohol for consumption away from the premises, off-premises licence applications are required. Liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and internet businesses fall under this category. These businesses can sell alcohol in sealed containers to consumers for consumption elsewhere thanks to acquiring an off-licence. To guarantee compliance with licencing standards, it is critical to abide by laws governing age verification and ethical selling practices.
  • Applying for a club premises certificate is essential for organizations or groups that run social clubs. This online personal licence course provides controlled entertainment and alcoholic beverages to club members and visitors. This group includes social groups, athletic clubs, and other similar organizations. Club premises certificates give these organizations the freedom and flexibility to conduct gatherings, activities, and sales of alcohol.
  • For transient or one-time events that will serve alcohol, a temporary event notice (TEN) is the best option. Having TEN guarantees that the licencing rules are followed, whether it’s for a festival, wedding, or fundraising event. The advantages of a TEN include the freedom to obtain additional TENs throughout the year as long as the cumulative duration is at most 21 days and the opportunity to host events without the requirement of a permanent premises permit.

How To Apply For A Premises Licence In Detail?

Getting an online personal licence course is an essential step if you intend to open a company in the UK that deals with the distribution or sale of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment, or the selling of late-night refreshments. A comprehensive guide on how to apply for a premises licence in the UK is provided below:

  • Determine the precise type of premises licence that best suits your business before beginning the application process. The most typical varieties include the on-licence, off-licence, club premises certificate, and temporary event notice (TEN). Please select the best fit for your business strategy because they each cater to specific needs and activities.
  • You must submit several papers and pieces of information to finish the application. These may consist of the following:

Application form completed: Get the online personal licence course form from the licencing authority in your area or online, then complete it entirely.

Create a working schedule. Create a thorough operation plan detailing intended activities, opening times, capacity restrictions, and steps to further the licensing’s goals (such as avoiding crime and unrest, ensuring public safety, and shielding minors from danger).

Include a thorough blueprint of your property showing the layout, emergency exits, and designated zones.

Approval of the designated premises supervisor: Ensure you get their written approval before appointing a designated supervisor.

Payment of fees: Verify and pay the fee needed for your application.

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