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6 Benefits of Custom Corn Dog Boxes You Must Know About!


People love to eat corn dogs at carnivals and sports events. It is a hot dog coated with cornmeal batter. And it has an incredible taste. That’s why it is everyone hot favorite snack.

The frozen and pre-cooked corn dogs are available in custom corn dog boxes. It keeps them safe and maintains their nutritional content. And there are many more benefits you must know about.

So read this blog and boost your fast food business with our unique tips and ideas.

Practical custom corn dog boxes style

Superior quality packaging is a must for food items. And same goes for the corn dogs. Do you know what are the key features of premium packaging? Okay, we will break it down for you.

It provides excellent protection for corn dogs. It keeps it safe from intense heat, moisture, and contamination. Plus, it serves as a remarkable storage box. Hence the food brands can choose the box style that suits them.

For instance, you can pack the corn dogs in the following designs

  • Full sealed
  • Window boxes
  • Drawer packaging

Whatever style you choose, it must be perfect for the corn dogs. And above all, it should provide convenience to the buyers. They shouldn’t struggle with the packaging. It means they pick the box, open or tear the flap, and are good to go!

Environmentally friendly custom hot dog trays

Don’t want a food box? Well, you can opt for hot dog trays. Its smart design is perfect for hot dogs. And you can easily enjoy the street food. Moreover, you can carry the tray wherever you like. For instance, you can have hot dogs while shopping or talking to your friends.

Hence people love food trays for all good reasons. But the top reason is its eco-friendly nature. The kraft and cardboard trays disintegrate into the soil. The bacteria and other abiotic factors speed up the decomposition process.

Moreover, the green material is reusable and recyclable. Hence it doesn’t follow the “use ad throw” concept. You can use the tray multiple times. Isn’t that awesome?

Custom printed corn dog boxes: informative packaging

How many corn dogs are in the box? Is it frozen or fully cooked? And what is its protein content? These are the common questions asked by the corn dog lovers. Therefore you need to print the important corn dog information.

And for that, the custom printed corn dog boxes are the best. You can print prominent corn dog images wrapped in honey. Plus, you can write the following information

  • Gluten-free corn dogs
  • No added hormones or steroids
  • 0g trans fat per serving
  • Microwaveable-keep frozen

In other words, the custom printed packaging acts as a silent salesperson.

Wholesale hot dog boxes: a cost-effective option!

It is admitted that Americans have a love affair with hot dogs. And at every hot dog stall, you will find people enjoying it. Hence it is always in demand.

Therefore the street food owners order them in bulk quantities. Are you wondering why? Well, the more the box, the less the price. And this equation benefits the retailers and wholesalers. Hence it is the best way to flourish your fast food business.

Custom packaging with logo

A unique logo is a must for hot dog and custom corn dog packaging. It identifies your brand and helps you get the best place on the food shelves. What are you waiting for? Print the logo and enhance it with spot UV.

It adds top-notch shine, creates a special effect, and makes the color appear brighter. Besides, it also makes the text legible. Hence the printed information is readable and clear.

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