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A Guide To Buying Suitable Pencils For Your Painting 


Pencils have different grades and further represent the lead’s size or the lead’s shade. The shade can be either darker or lighter. Knowing the pencils and grades of the pencils is essential since it will hugely impact your painting. Some grades are better for shading, while grades are better for creating outlines. Some have the finer lead for intricate paintings. Every pencil of different grades has its own purpose. This blog will tell you how to find the perfect pencil grade for yourself. Apart from the blog, it is also vital that you experiment with different grades of pencils to understand them more. Whatever kind of pencils you want in your painting, our art and craft stores inventory has everything. 

H & B: What Does It Mean?

A standard two-pencil is enough to produce a good-quality drawing. We have all used this pencil during school, and using pencils with distinguishing features is vital to help paint a beautiful drawing. First, you must understand that there are two categories for lead hardness: H and B. B stands for darkness, while H represents hard. Hard leads are more tightly packed and include more filler, which results in the lightest lines possible because it produces very little graphite. A pencil in the H category requires a lot of force to draw a darker line. The B category sits at the other extreme of the pencil toughness spectrum. 

Which Pencil To Use When?

Artists should experiment with their choice of products to understand their suitability. If you do not work with the materials, it will be hard to understand what works for you and what does not. Artists most often use HB pencils for sketching or drawing. Using 2H-4H pencils helps make blueprints since artists prefer them most for rough sketches. 6H pencils are best if you are willing to apply watercolour right after sketching, as this pencil shade is light and does not mix with watercolour.

The B pencils help to make shadows or create a better contrast in your drawings. Artists choose pencils for their different types of drawings or sketches, and the softer B pencils are best for shading. We advise you to experiment with different kinds of pencils for your sketching or drawing because each artist has different tastes and preferences. 

How To Choose Quality Pencils?

There are various ways to choose professional-grade pencils if you’re serious about elevating your drawings. Although you can buy each grade separately, starting by purchasing a package that includes all of the grades is preferable. You can get smaller sets with only a couple of these or bigger ones that include the entire spectrum of lead hardnesses. Professional pencil sets are fantastic because they let you experiment with all the leads in various ways inside your drawing. Although what works for one artist may well not fit you, owning a variety of pencils will help you locate the ones you prefer.

We advise you to have a notebook or a drawing paper sheet to accompany your kit. Books and pads come in various styles: hardbound, spiral-bound, rectangular, and square. Your drawings will look their finest if you use books and drawing pads designed specifically for pencil work. Some even have micro-perforated pages, so you can quickly remove them after finishing them for display.

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