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Best Travel Apps 2017: Make Traveling a Joy



When I travel, I want to discover new places and enjoy my time in a way that’s never been done before. But it can be hard to choose what app to use when there are so many options out there. It’s especially difficult if you’re a frequent traveler or even just starting out. To make things easier, we’ve compiled this list of some of the best travel apps available today!

1. AirHelp

AirHelp is a travel app that helps you get compensation for delayed or canceled flights. It’s free to use, and provides a quick and easy way to get compensation.

AirHelp will track your flight status so you know when it’s time to file a claim. The app also has an automated chat feature that lets you talk with an AirHelp employee in real time if there are any questions about filing your claim–plus they’ll take care of all the paperwork!

2. Seatguru

Seat Guru is a website that provides information about airplane seats. It allows you to search for flights and find out which seats are the best (based on their reviews). Additionally, Seat Guru also provides information about airline policies regarding things such as legroom and recline angles of each seat type on each plane.

3. Tripit

Tripit is a travel organizer app that allows you to keep track of your flights, hotels, and car rentals. It also helps you find the best deals on flights and hotels. Tripit is free to use!

  • Keeps track of your itinerary: The app automatically tracks all of your travel information by pulling it from email confirmations or directly from your calendar. This way, you don’t have to remember what flight number went where or which hotel room was booked under which name–it’s all right there in one place!
  • Saves time searching for deals: The app searches through thousands of websites looking for the best prices on airfare and accommodations so that they can be easily accessed via their website or mobile app (iOS only).

4. Packpoint

Packing is one of the most important parts of traveling, and yet it’s often overlooked. Packpoint helps you pack for your trip by helping you find the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. It also finds the best deals on travel insurance as well as travel gear like luggage or shoes so that your items arrive in good condition when they reach their destination.

The app can even help with accessories like headphones or chargers so that everything fits perfectly inside your bag!

5. Rome2rio

Rome2rio is a travel planning app that helps you plan your trip. It gives you the best route to take, how long it will take and how much it will cost for you to get there. Rome2rio also tells you about any delays or closures along your route so that no surprises happen on your trip!

You can use this app if: You want an easy way of getting around town or country without having too much hassle with directions or timetables; if something goes wrong then at least there’s someone else who knows what is happening on their website instead of having no clue what’s going on around them

6. Hitlist

This app is a great way to find the best places to eat, drink and shop in your destination. It’s a social network for travelers where you can share your experiences with other travelers. Hitlist also allows you to make plans with fellow users or just check out their recommendations on where to go in a city.

Hitlist is available on iOS and Android devices

7. Navmii

Navmii is a free navigation app that has offline maps, voice guided navigation, a route planner and much more. The app offers you real-time traffic updates and alerts you if there are any speed cameras or fuel price finders near you. It also has a speed limit alert feature so that you can drive safely even in unfamiliar places.

8. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is a free app that helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area. You can search for gas prices by zip code, city or state. The app also allows users to view prices in other cities and countries around the world so they can find the best deal on fuel wherever they may be traveling.

9. XE Currency

XE Currency is a free app that lets you track the value of your currency, as well as convert currencies. You can use it to see how much money you have left in your account and what its worth in other countries. It’s also great for tracking spending while traveling because it helps you stay on budget!

10. Google Translate

Google Translate is a free app that can translate text, speech and photos between more than 100 languages. It’s available on Android and iOS devices, as well as offline mode so you don’t have to worry about having an internet connection while traveling abroad.

Google Translate has some cool features such as instant camera translation where it will automatically detect what language the person speaking is speaking then translate it into your preferred language (or vice versa). This feature was developed using artificial intelligence technology called neural machine translation which allows users to communicate with people who speak different languages without having any knowledge of those languages themselves!

These are some of the best travel apps out there

These are some of the best travel apps out there:

  • Airbnb – Airbnb is a great way to find affordable accommodations when you’re traveling. You can book private rooms or entire homes for your stay, which helps cut down on costs if you don’t want to pay for a hotel room every night. The app also has reviews from previous users so you can read what other people had to say before making a decision about where to stay.
  • UberEATS – UberEATS is Uber’s new food delivery service that allows you order takeout from local restaurants and have it delivered right at home! This app is perfect if you’re stuck inside with no way out because of bad weather or just don’t feel like going out into public right now (we’ve all been there). Just open up this app on your phone, select what kind of food sounds good today (pizza? tacos?), enter in your address and voila! Within minutes someone will be knocking at your door holding deliciousness in their hands!


These are some of the best travel apps out there, but they’re not all. There are many others that can help you make your trips easier and more enjoyable. We hope that this list has inspired you to try something new when planning or going on your next adventure!

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