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Why Hiring An EBook Ghostwriter Is Perfectly Ethical


There is a misconception that hiring an ebook ghostwriter is morally wrong because people think the ghostwriter wants recognition for their work. However, this is not the case as ghostwriters are compensated for their affordable ghostwriting services just like any other professional. It is similar to businesses hiring web developers and logo designers to improve their branding, but their names are not credited on the brand’s website or logo. Therefore, outsourcing work to someone with better skills should not be considered unethical. It is important to clarify the terms and conditions before hiring an ebook ghostwriter to avoid any misunderstandings, and not let misconceptions stop you from hiring an ebook ghostwriter to write a book under your name.

1- Working With Experts

People approach professionals such as doctors or mechanics for assistance because of their specialized knowledge. Similarly, collaborating with a ghostwriter is akin to hiring any other expert. Not everyone possesses the ability to write, and ghostwriters assist in transforming ideas into books for individuals who lack the necessary writing skills or time. Ghostwriters have provided us with greater understanding of the experiences of influential figures and remarkable leaders.

2- A Professional Ghostwriting Transaction

Ghostwriting involves a commercial arrangement whereby a ghostwriter provides their writing abilities in exchange for payment from a client. Individuals who are deficient in writing proficiency or have a lack of time seek out the services of expert ghostwriters for their eBook writing needs. The transaction entails exchanging ebook writing services for monetary compensation.

3- Mutual Understanding In Ghostwriting

In certain cases, ghostwriters have complained about not receiving recognition for their work, as seen in the example of “It Takes a Village”, a book authored by Hillary Clinton. However, such incidents are infrequent because a contract is typically established beforehand that outlines the terms of the agreement between both parties. Both parties generally abide by the conditions outlined in the agreement, and it is unusual for a ghostwriter to violate the agreement and demand credit if it was not originally agreed upon.

4- Paid Professional Ghostwriters

Ebook ghostwriters receive payment for their ebook writing services, with the amount dependent on various factors such as their level of expertise and reputation. The fees may be higher for ghostwriters of well-known books because of the anticipated success of the work. For instance, Barbara Feinman was paid $120,000 for her assistance on Hillary Clinton’s book “It Takes a Village.” The ghostwriting industry is similar to other professional fields, where experienced ghostwriters command higher fees. Payment terms, along with other contractual agreements, are typically negotiated prior to the commencement of the project.

5- A Collaborative Ghostwriting

Ebook ghostwriting is not solely the responsibility of the writer; clients usually provide input and ideas. The ghostwriter then professionally creates the content to meet industry standards and engage the readers. Even if the client does not offer any ideas, they are typically involved in reviewing and giving feedback on the work. In essence, it is a cooperative process.

6- Recognizing Value Through Ghostwriting

Possessing writing skills does not necessarily ensure triumph in the publishing industry, as having a recognizable name often contributes to the success of a book. Ghostwriting for established professionals in the field can help writers appreciate the worth of their abilities and provide acknowledgement and motivation to write independently.

7- More Work Opportunities Through Ghostwriting

Experienced ebook ghostwriters are frequently favored by clients, which enables the writers to establish their portfolios and attract potential clients. Hiring an ebook ghostwriter indirectly generates employment opportunities for them, particularly if you are a prominent figure or leader in the industry.

8- Ethical EBook Writing Services

Hiring an ebook ghostwriter is not an act of exploitation because the writer provides their consent and receives payment for their ebook writing services. The terms for credits can be agreed upon in the contract, and if there is a breach, legal action can be taken. If the writer agrees to transfer rights in the contract, the client has the authority to utilize the content in any manner they choose. Once the project is finished, the ghostwriter no longer retains any rights to the content.

9- New Career Paths In Ghostwriting

The ebook ghostwriting industry has gained popularity in recent decades, particularly with the advancement of the digital industry, which has created fresh job opportunities for proficient writers. The growth of ghostwriting as a profession has enabled people to make money by marketing their writing abilities.

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