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Top 6 Education issues In America And Possible Solutions


Education is the solution to all the problems of society. It develops awareness about multiple cultures and imparts the feeling of acceptance towards different religions of the world. It is education that develops critical thinking ability and problem-solving attitude in people which proves to be helpful lifelong. Even though the literacy rate in America is 79% but it is also essential to review the standard of education systems. Students often buy Nursing thesis writing services or other such forms of academic assistance to avoid writing academic projects.

It is fine to take medical dissertation writing help or other such forms of academic services but students must also be aware of the way of writing academic projects and familiar with the topic being discussed. Now; the question that arises is what might be the issues that make the students want to avoid their studies? Well! There are several issues in the education system of America that are pulling students away from their studies and these issues along with their solutions are discussed in the following post.

Top 6 education issues in America:

What is the biggest issue in education today? It might be difficult to pick point one issue but there are multiple factors that can be considered as the reasons for the underperformance of the education systems of America. According to research, even the highest-performing students in the American education system have shown stagnant achievement scores over the last few decades. So; it is high time to bring reform to the education systems of America.

In order to find the solutions it is important to highlight the current issues in education in the United States, which are as follows;

1.     Inadequate funding:

One of the common issues in the American education system is that the country does not invest as much money in the education system as it must. The lack of enough funding results in the lack of resources for the teachers, faculty, and students.  The bigger issue is that even when a fair amount of money is being invested in the education system, still it is not being invested in the right things the invested money is being used to repair buildings and to buy meals for some useless events. 

2.     Teacher shortage:

As there is no answer to the question of how much education is too much similarly there is no adequate answer for how many teachers are enough for any school.  But if there is one teacher for a class of forty to fifty students then it is a problem. Since the outbreak of covid-19, the growing concern for the education systems of America and government officials has been the shortage of teachers for educational institutes. It is because COVID-19 pandemic has forced educational institutions such as universities to shift rapidly to distance and online learning (Amin Almaiah et al, 2020). 

It has been found that more than three-quarters of the United States is struggling with a teacher shortage and the reason might vary from them being paid less to be overloaded with work.

3.     Lack of motivation among students:

Another issue found in the education system of America is that the students are not that motivated and focused on their studies. The reason for this lack of motivation among students might vary from personal issues to common problems. The personal issues vary but the general reasons can be as follows;

  • No rewards.
  • Unsupportive classroom environment.
  • Bullying.
  • More focused on social life.

4.     Standardized testing:

Organizing tests is helpful for better performance but the problem arises when so much pressure is laid on the scores that must be achieved in the test that it stresses the students out. This stress results in anxiety and makes the students run from studies rather than prepping for the exams. Failure to meet certain test scores can also cost a school district federal funding, creating a monetary incentive to achieve a certain range of test scores.

5.     Unequal access to quality education:

This factor is quite common across the world including America where students are given admission to educational institutes depending on their class, race, status, and origin. This creates unequal access to quality education for all students.

6.     Untrained teachers:

According to a survey held in 2017, it was found that there are more than one million teachers who are practicing their teaching jobs but are not professionally trained. They are hired based on their qualification but have no experience or have not attended any teaching program; this affects the education system of America adversely.

Solutions for the top 6 education issues in America:

It is said there always is a solution to a problem and similar is the case here because there is always a scope for betterment. For the above-mentioned issues affecting the education system of America; the below-mentioned solutions will help to modify the system;

1.     Increased funding for education:

The government of America should invest a bit more in its education system. In addition to that; money must be invested wisely rather than in useless events. It must be invested in;

  • Technology.
  • Higher-quality school lunches.
  • Better teacher salaries.
  •  After-school programs.
  •  Activities that promote community engagement.

2.     Attractive offers for teachers:

As discussed earlier; teachers are not that attracted to the occupation of teaching anymore because of less salary and more work. This is why attractive offers must be made for teachers like;

  • Increased salary.
  • Reduced work-load.
  • Reaching out to new graduates.

3.     Adoption of effective teaching methods:

The ways you teach students also matter a lot to keep the focus of the students. The following methods can be adopted to keep the students engaged and motivated in the classroom;

  • Question & answer sessions.
  • Open discussions.
  • Technology incorporation.
  • Quizzes.
  • Hands-on learning.
  • Assigning projects/presentations, etc.

4.     Reduction in standardized testing:

Tests are important to assess student’s academic performance but all the attention must not be focused on tests only rather the following activities can also help to evaluate the student’s growth;

  • Sampling.
  • Game-based assessment.
  • Project assignments.
  • Portfolio-based assessment, etc.

Every academic institution, be it high school or university, has different means of evaluating the student’s skills. Through this, they can assess the student’s ability as to how much they have comprehended from the classes and other intellectual sessions (bestassignmentwriter, 2022).

5.     Equal access to quality education:

Unequal access to education is not only morally incorrect but also results negatively on a practical level. The following few steps will help in the reduction of this inequality:

  • Free resources for all students.
  • Books at lesser prices.
  • Easy access to literacy tutors for all.
  • Funding for underfunded schools.

6.     Effective teacher training programs:

The next step after hiring teachers is to train them professionally. Qualification matters but at the same time teachers must be acknowledged with the ways of teaching effectively. There is a training program in which teachers are taught;

  • Classroom management.
  • Teaching strategies and skills.
  • Safe school policies.
  • First aid, etc.

Teachers must be familiar with all such basic things.


Every country has certain issues in its education systems that must be fixed. The above-mentioned post has highlighted the issues of the American education system along with their possible solution. Hopefully; it would be of help to improve the education system of America.


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