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What is a Starter Solenoid?


You are well prepared to go to work. You climb into your car. Turn on the ignition, but all you get is a click. You keep turning and still get a click, and the engine won’t start. Maybe the battery is dead. But everything else on the dashboard, including the radio is working. So, you rule out the battery problem. 

That’s when it hits you that your starter solenoid or relay might be faulty. The problem is quite common, especially with older vehicles. But what is a starter solenoid, and how does it work? Read on for a comprehensive guide into everything you need to know about them in this article.

Starter Solenoids

As you might have guessed, a starter solenoid controls your vehicle’s ignition system. It is a critical component of a starting system that helps to initiate the engine’s rotation by providing a high current to the starter motor. 

Technically, when the key is turned, a small current is sent to the solenoid’s coil winding, which generates a magnetic field that pulls a plunger or lever inside the solenoid. It, in turn, completes a high-current circuit between the battery and the starter motor, allowing the motor to turn the engine over.

It also typically includes a set of contacts that disconnect the starter motor from the battery once the engine is running, preventing damage to the starter and conserving battery power.

Types of Starter Solenoids

There are several types of starter solenoids, as shown below:

Integrated solenoids

These solenoids are built into the starter motor and are commonly found in newer vehicles. They are more compact and lighter for easier installation and maintenance. Technically, they are designed to send an electronic impulse to the vehicle’s computer, which, in turn, communicates to the starter circuit to engage. 

Remote-Mounted Solenoids

These are separate solenoids that are mounted away from the starter motor. They are commonly used in older vehicles and high-performance applications because they can handle high currents and reduce heat buildup in the starter motor.

Some remote-mounted solenoids in MaySpare include the 12V 4Pole Starter Solenoid that replaces Cub Cadet, John Deere L110-130, or Craftsman. You will also find options like Starter Solenoid Relay 12V compatible with WAKE Challenger, GTI, GSX, SUV, GTX, Islandia, Sportster, and many more. 

Continuous Duty Solenoids

These solenoids are designed to handle the continuous current flow, making them ideal for applications where the starter motor needs to run for extended periods. Such applications can include industrial equipment motors or boats.

Among the options available in MaySpare include the new Max 200A Continuous Solenoid Relay Winch 24106 SPST for marine. You will also find options such as Max 300A Continuous Duty Solenoid Nickel-Plating for Marine.   

Heavy-Duty Starter Solenoids

These solenoids are designed to handle higher currents and are commonly used in high-performance applications or vehicles with large engines. They are widely used in vehicles such as tractors. They are designed with copper coils that can withstand temperatures up to 1800C. Besides, they can also withstand a maximum current of up to 200 Amp. 

Some heavy-duty starter options in MaySpare include the 12V 4 Terminal Starter Solenoid, compatible with John Deere MTD 725-04439, AM133094, and Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor. 

Get Your Starter Solenoid from MaySpare Today!

Never miss a meeting or an important event because your starter solenoid won’t start your engine. At MaySpare, we have many options for your car or any machinery with an ignition. All you need to do is contact us to talk to one of our customer agents, and we will ensure you never have to worry about starter solenoids. 

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