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Learning the 5 Common Laptop Repair Issues


In today’s tech world, every home appliance is close to our hearts. We do not move out until our mobile phones, laptops or power banks are fully charged.  

As we walk in our regular daily routine, we do not even realise when these devices’ health takes a toll on our minds, even more than our health. For instance, if your laptop suddenly stops working while you are having a meal, you’ll forget about your feed and get anxious about why your device isn’t working.

So before you allow it to affect you, let us explore some common laptop issues you often encounter and some solutions to resolve them. This way, you won’t have to immediately run a query on a search engine regarding “computer geeks near me“, as you’d already know what to do.

Common laptop issues and their solutions

  1. Laptop battery overheating: If your laptop is often overheated, it can cause your system to crash or freeze. No doubt all computers and laptops produce heat, but the latter, in particular, frequently overheat due to their compact design and absence of ventilation. Too much dust can also obstruct air vents, preventing cold air from reaching your cooling system. We suggest you clean your vent with a soft cloth or keyboard cleaner to help you overcome the overheating problem. If it doesn’t work, update your system’s BIOS, which manages the hardware in your laptop.  
  1. Screen turning black: There may be situations where your laptop’s screen can turn black while other functions, such as lights or sounds, work efficiently. This problem might be incredibly annoying because your computer seems to be working fine except for the screen. Try first unplugging your laptop’s power cord and taking out the battery. Before plugging it back in and restarting your computer, press and hold the power button for about a minute. Replace the battery once again, then restart the laptop. If the procedure doesn’t work, you might be having memory problems. Make sure the memory modules are in contact with the slot by checking. It could be essential to swap out the memory modules completely.
  1. Battery dying often: A laptop’s battery can last up to 4-5 hours if used consistently. However, the first thing you should do if your laptop’s battery runs out quickly is to cut down on the number of open tasks. The more you use applications, the more they drain your battery power. To prevent further depletion of your laptop battery, limit the windows you keep open and turn off Bluetooth. Lastly, activate the “Energy Saving” mode and maintain a low brightness. Select “Power Options” under “Settings” in your control panel if you’re running Windows XP. Similarly to this, to change the brightness on a Macbook, go to “Settings” and look under “System Preferences” for “Energy Saver.”
  1. Internet running slow: Slow internet can be caused by several different issues, some temporary and others long-term, some related to your software and hardware, and others related to your service equipment and service provider. If your laptop’s internet suddenly gets slow, try unplugging the modem or router for 30 seconds, then switching it back on again. Additionally, restarting your computer and closing other applications may improve performance. It is also wise to contact your computer technicians to inquire about other potential network issues. 
  1. Keyboard not working: Have you ever been in a frustrating situation where a few letters need to be added, or the keyboard displays the incorrect characters? Then we suggest you remove the keycaps and thoroughly clean them, as keys might be stuck. You might need a new keyboard if this doesn’t fix the problem. Remove your keyboard or keys carefully, as it is easy to damage your system. It’s different with Mac keys since each key has its component. Alternatively, Apple sells individual keys or replaces the whole keyboard.


These are some common issues that every laptop or computer owner faces. If you need help with any of these, try to resolve them independently with the abovementioned solutions. Or else, contact an expert by searching for “computer servicing near me.”

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