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What Are The Main Types Of Solar Power Systems Available In The Market?


In the last few years, solar panels have become extremely famous for power usage in households and other sectors. These panels use solar energy to generate power in the house in a much more eco-friendly and cost-effective way than other methods of power generation.

A solar panel has the capacity of trapping the solar energy that is radiated from the sun which produces heat and causes a chemical reaction that ultimately results in generating energy. The solar energy trapped from the sun is trapped through a solar panel and during the day time when the sun shines right on top of the solar panels and gets absorbed by the PV cells present in the panel.

This type of power solaranlage doesn’t fit under the category of one size of fits all. It depends on the needs and preferences of a household or any property like malls or schools. There are mainly three types of power solar systems, they are grid-tied, off-grid, and grid-tied with additional storage. The specifications of each system are listed below.

  • Grid-Tied Solar Power System – Grid-tied solaranlage is very simple, they consist of a few solar panels, a grid-tied solar inverter, and a net meter. The inverter has the capacity of converting direct current power which is produced by the panels into alternating current that is used by the grid for generating power and electricity in a household. This type of solar system is a good fit for all household units as they are less expensive than other systems, moreover, it also eliminates any chance of running out of power as the grid runs even on the darkest and gloomy days of the year.
  • Off-Grid Solar Power System – An off-grid solar system can easily generate electricity for a household or business setup without being connected to a grid. If you are planning to go completely off-grid then you’ll first have to arrange a system that is big enough to withhold the whole energy consumption of the house or any other property. Moreover, you will also have to buy batteries which would store the energy thus created and also a solar charge controller that is useful for making the process of energy production and energy usage so that the battery can work properly. Though there are many places that sell these items Victron Energy is by far the best place to buy from. This type of grid is usually mounted on the top of a roof of a home, RV, or cabin. The energy that is collected by the panels is attached to a battery where the energy that is generated is stored for use. Moreover, it will also guarantee you uninterrupted power in your house even when the town or city is experiencing a power shortage.
  • Grid-Tied Solar Power System With Storage – This type of solaranlage is also known as a hybrid system because it has the qualities of both types of solar systems. It uses clean and renewable energy with it generated from the sun as its primary source of electricity and also consists of additional battery storage that can provide power to your household even when the grid goes down. The battery storage is usually not large enough to carry out all electrical functions during a power shortage so if you wish to go for this type of system then you should be mindful about using big consumption appliances like refrigerators or pumps during periods when the grid goes down. A hybrid solar system is most suitable for a short period of grid outrage battery as the battery storage only needs to get you through for typically 2-8 hours and not for days.

What Are The Different Types Of Mounting For Solar Panels?

Though from a further glance, all types of mounting can look the same, there is a vast difference between the several mounting types. Some of the different mounting types are listed below.

  • Foundation Mounts – It is the most common style of solar system mounting structure which is mainly seen on plain grounds. The installation process of this mounting consists of first preparing the land for excavation and then vertical pipes or mechanical tubings are put on the surface of it. Then a concrete foundation is made around them so that they stay in place. This installation also requires an assessment of the site and a geotechnical analysis of the soil in order to determine the soil’s strength capacity.
  • Ballasted Footing Mounts – This type of solaranlage mounting is best suitable for the type of soil where drilling or excavation cannot be done. Here a pre-casted concrete block is anchored to the ground, and it is widely used for the residential installation of solar panels. 
  • Pole Mounts – This is the most simple and most cost-effective option for mounting solar systems. And the best part about this process is that there is no requirement of excavating the land or creating complicated structures in this type of mounting. But that doesn’t mean they are not efficient in providing support, they are just a simple structure that is very much effective in providing support to the solar panels.      

Key Takeaway

In recent times solar panels have become extremely common in all households because it is both eco-friendly and cost-effective. If you are planning to build an efficient solar setup for your residential needs then you can try the inverters and batteries from Victron Energy, their products come with an additional 5-year energy and their batteries have a 2-year warranty. 

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