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“Dune Buggy: Exploring the Thrilling World of Off-Road Vehicles”


Dune Buggy Dubai is one of the best off-road tours for family and friends. You can experience the life of the desert by riding on Dune Buggy Dubai. Deserts are part of the culture of the people who live in Dubai. All travelers visit Dubai for adventure purposes. You can take many rides in the desert, but the Dune Buggy is the best of all.

Dune Buggy is a small car you can drive in the desert over many landscapes. You will feel like you are riding on a roller coaster while passing through the landscapes. The surface of the desert is not straight, but it is soft. So you will face many ups and downs while riding. The dune buggy is a sports car, and it is used for riding on sand. You can’t use another car for riding on sand.

What will you Experience?

First, they will pick you up from your hotel. The team will pick you up if you have booked a good Dubai dune buggy rental. Otherwise, you have to book a cab to go to the desert. You will reach the desert in 30 to 40 minutes. Then you will start taking rides, and also you will see many other things they’re like;

1.    Horse Riding

2.    Camel Riding

3.    Hot Air Balloon

4.    Safari


First, they will serve you different kinds of food. We will suggest you only eat something after taking the Dubai dune buggy. If you eat before the Dubai dune buggy, you will feel nauseous, and you will not be able to take the joy of the ride.

After taking the ride, you will be served many kinds of food. It is totally up to you whether you want vegetarian or nonvegetarian food. All of these foods will be the best continental food in Dubai.


All the desert of Dubai provides the best service to their customers. They are always trying to make their customer satisfies. There are separate washrooms for boys and girls, and all are clean. You will not see any dust or any other thing in the washroom. You do not have to keep any gloves or helmets with you. The instructors will give you the helmets and all the other safety equipment.

You will also be able to see the belly dance at night.

Time Duration

The Time Duration of the dune buggies depends upon the package that you have chosen. If you choose the regular package, the Duration is 4 pm to 10 pm. If you want to stay in the camps, you can stay, but we will give you no other facilities. You have to pay for the facilities after the time is completed. If you are thinking about the time duration of the ride, then it is a maximum of 1 hour. After that 1 hour, you will be given food and other things.

What kind of clothes should we wear?

If you want to enjoy the ride, you should wear comfortable clothes. You have to run too much in the desert. Also, you have to take horse and camel riding. Only comfortable clothes like trousers and shirts will help you take all the joyful rides. If you wear uncomfortable clothes, then you can’t sit comfortably.

Cover your eyes with glasses and your face with clothes, as we know there is a lot of sand in the desert. If you do not cover your face, then your face can be allergic. You can also apply sunscreen.


360 AED is needed if you want to go to the desert and take the Dune Buggy Dubai ride. All the facilities like food, stay and enjoyment bis included in this. You should choose a good Dubai dune buggy rental to have all the facilities. First, check the rental service and then choose one of them.


It will help if you avoid carrying expensive things like cash. Because you must walk to take the ride, it isn’t easy to carry such things. Try to follow the advice of the instructor. If taking this ride is safe or not, the answer is straightforward. You can take this ride without fear because all the safety precautions have been taken, and the ride is safe.

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