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Khula in Pakistan:

Khula is a legal way of obtaining a divorce for Muslim women in Pakistan. It is a procedure by which a wife can obtain a dissolution of her marriage from her husband through a court of law. This process is distinct from Talaq, which is the right of the husband to dissolve the marriage without the consent of his wife.

Procedure for Khula:

In Pakistan, the procedure for Khula is governed by the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939. According to the Act, a Muslim woman may file for Khula in a court of law, stating that she no longer wishes to be married to her husband. The court then initiates proceedings to hear both parties and consider their case.

File Application for Khula:

The first step in the Khula procedure is for the wife to file a petition for Khula in the relevant family court. The petition should state the reasons why the wife is seeking a dissolution of the marriage. The court then issues a notice to the husband, informing him of the petition and summoning him to appear in court.

Court Hearing:

Once the husband has been summoned, the court will hear both parties and determine whether or not the grounds for Khula exist. The grounds for Khula may include cruelty, desertion, impotence, or any other valid reason recognized by Islamic law. If the court is satisfied that the grounds for Khula exist, it will grant the Khula decree.

After the Khula decree has been granted, the wife is required to return any gifts or property that she received from her husband during the marriage. The husband, on the other hand, is required to pay the deferred dower (mahr) amount to the wife, as well as any maintenance that may have been agreed upon.

Complex Process:

It is important to note that the Khula procedure in Pakistan can be a lengthy and complex process, and it is advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified lawyer who specializes in family law. A lawyer can help ensure that all necessary documents are prepared and filed correctly, and can represent the client in court proceedings.

Ending lines:

In conclusion, Khula is a legal way for Muslim women in Pakistan to obtain a divorce from their husbands. The procedure is governed by the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939 and involves filing a petition for Khula in a family court. While the process can be complex, the assistance of a qualified lawyer can help ensure a smooth and successful outcome

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