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An Evaluation and Ranking of the Top 6 Smokeless Grills Available in 2023


There are circumstances that call for the use of a dependable indoor grill that may give results that are comparable to those obtained while cooking outdoors, such as when there is a limited amount of area available for outdoor cooking or when there are severe weather conditions. As these grills are meant to produce no smoke, you won’t have to worry about the local fire station showing up unannounced. Not only are they allowed for use inside, but they are also typically quite easy to move, which means that you may bring them outside to a patio or take them with you on travels or adventures that take place outside.

As is the case with any other type of cooking device, Smokeless Electric Grill models differ in a variety of ways; thus, it is essential to have a clear idea of your needs before making a purchase. According to Paul Sidoriak, who works for Grilling Montana, “the finest ones are able to operate at a variety of temperatures, include a solution for collecting liquids and grease, and are simple to clean.” For the purpose of compiling this list, we tested the best indoor electrical grills in our lab in addition to sending many models to at-home testers. Each model was evaluated on a variety of criteria, including its ease of construction, performance, and cleanup, among others.

The George Foreman GFO240S Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

It is perfect for countertop grilling because to its 240 square inches of space dedicated to the cooking surface. There are five different heat settings available, in addition to the trademark slanted nonstick surface that drains fat off of meat. A more consistent cooking is achieved thanks to the domed cover, which also helps to circulate heat and divert steam away from the food. It does come with a detachable stand that may be used outside; however, the members of our testing team felt that the stand was a little unreliable.

The GFO240S was put through its paces in our laboratory, where it impressed us not just with its reliable performance but also with its absence of smoke. After grilling fresh zucchini, chicken breasts, and a flank steak, we found that all of the surfaces were heated to an even temperature. The grill markings on the white bread toast we made were perfect and uniform. The steak, at most, picked just a few traces of smoke while it was cooking. Although our testers witnessed the grill plate reaching temperatures as high as 600 degrees, it is recommended that when cooking indoors, the temperature be kept below 500 degrees.

The Bubbly Shape Will Bring To Mind An Outdoor Grill

But our reviewers were disappointed to find that it lacked a feature that is often found on George Foreman grills: a lid hook that can be used to store the cover until it is time to flip the burgers. Nonetheless, cleaning up was a breeze. As the grill plate does not come off, cleaning it is as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth. The grease drip tray may be cleaned in the dishwasher.

This is the option for you if you want a smokeless grill that is replete with all the bells and whistles that come standard with it. It is possible that it will set you back more than some of its other available options, but rest assured that the additional investment will be money well spent. You have the choice of air frying, grilling, or even griddling with this multifunctional gadget, which can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our at-home tester was happy with the outcomes of grilling salmon, chicken breasts, and frozen salmon burgers, and noted that there was no smoke during the cooking process. However, because it heats up so rapidly, our tester advised that you should not place your food on it and then forget about it for an extended period of time. Our in-house testers all mentioned the same drawback, which is that they wished the built-in fan could be turned off while the oven was operating. On the other hand, it was simple to clean, and the test steak delivered a gratifying sizzle when it was placed on the hot grate.


According to the results of our test, the grill grates have sufficient area to accommodate a family of four, and each of the four crisper baskets has the capacity to handle a whole bag of fries or tater tots. But, as the versatile device will require some room on your countertop, it is unlikely that a kitchen in a small apartment will be able to accommodate this item. The following are the steps of cleaning: According to the testimony of one of our testers, “burned-on barbeque sauce and fish skin fell effortlessly off when we used the cleaning brush that was included.”

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