Social Media is Changing the Beauty Industry


Social media has changed the way we interact with our favorite brands and products. It’s not just about sharing pictures on Facebook or tagging your friends in Instagram stories anymore—it’s about connecting with other people and learning more about what they’re interested in, too! So today we’ll take a look at how social media has influenced the beauty industry over the years to see where it’s headed next.


You can use YouTube to find new products, expert advice and tutorials.

For example, you might be interested in trying a new skincare brand but you’re not sure where to start. Enter YouTube! There are hundreds of beauty channels on the platform that will help guide you through each step of your purchase process so that it feels like home when it arrives at your doorstep.

Here are some specific ways we’ve seen this work:

  • Try searching for “how-to” videos related to skincare or makeup; these are often done by people who have already tried out something similar (or even better) than what they’re selling—and they’ll share their secrets with eager customers!
  • Check out our curated list below for some popular channels:


Instagram is a great place to find inspiration. It’s also a great place to learn about new products, or get ideas for your own makeup look. You can interact with other beauty lovers who share the same interests as you, or even people from around the world who are interested in photography and makeup tips. Instagram allows you to share your own self-portraits on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so there’s no reason not to go out of your way just because it may not be what everyone else is doing right now!

There are so many different ways that Instagram has changed over time—and some things have stayed pretty much the same (like sharing photos). But if there was one thing that changed forever within this decade alone? That would probably be how much easier it has become for consumers (especially women) who want access directly into their favorite brands’ feeds via sponsored posts instead of having them forced upon us constantly through traditional advertising methods such as TV commercials or billboards.”

The Go-To Beauty Apps

There are a lot of beauty apps out there, but here are the ones we use on a regular basis.

  • We Love Beauty: This is one of our go-to apps for finding new makeup and skin care products. It has everything from drugstore brands to high-end luxury brands so you’ll never be without something new to try.
  • Juxtaposer: This is another great app for finding new hairstyles that work with your face shape and features (and it even has some fun quizzes). You can also browse through hundreds of thousands of photos submitted by users just like you!
  • Style Banker: If you’re looking for something more tailored toward fashion, this one’s perfect—it allows users to upload their own photos or browse through trending styles across multiple different categories like “streetwear” or “lifestyle.”

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters are a fun way to enhance your selfie. They can be used to add makeup or change your hair color, but they’re also great for making your selfies more fun and playful.

Snapchat has a variety of filters that you can apply right within the app, including ones that will give you neon lips and glowing skin (or any other effect), if you’re into that sort of thing! You can even add emojis if the filter allows it!

Social media has changed how the beauty industry works

Social media has changed how we interact with the beauty products we use, and it’s also changing how we interact with each other.

In this digital age, people are using social media to share their experiences—and those of others—with hashtags like #blessed or #yasminiscomingback. When someone posts a picture of themselves on Instagram, they’re not just showing off their new haircut; they’re also saying something about who they are as a person: “I’m cool.” Or maybe it has nothing to do with who you are at all; maybe it’s just that your aunt posted this picture of herself yesterday and now everyone wants her advice on whether she should get braces for Christmas (because who doesn’t want an honest opinion when shopping?).


With the rise of social media and the brands it has created, it’s clear that beauty is changing. However, this shift may not be all bad news. With Instagram Stories and Snapchat filters being used by everyone from teens to celebrities, it’s clear one of the most popular forms of communication today is also one with a positive impact on its users as well. Whether you want to follow your favorite bloggers or just want to shop for new products without leaving home—social media provides a way for anyone with an internet connection to get their fix!