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A list of fantastic things to do in Aberdeen city centre and beyond


Hey there, fellow wanderers and adventure seekers! Today, we’re diving into the mesmerising world of Aberdeen – a city that effortlessly blends history, nature, and the salty allure of the North Sea. There are many intriguing activities for you. The delight is boundless.

Engulfing captivation

Picture this: a sandy haven stretching from the city center to the River Don. Yep, you heard right! Aberdeen Beach isn’t just any beach – it’s a local treasure. Grab your binoculars (because dolphins might just pop up to say hello) and take a leisurely stroll along the promenade. You’ll be serenaded by the soothing lullaby of waves and the crisp sea breeze – a melody that’s as unique as Aberdeen itself. It is one of the fascinating things to do in Aberdeen this weekend!

Pastoral charm

Ready to step back in time? Footdee, or Fittie for the Aberdonians in the know, is your time machine. Nestled by the harbor and the beach, this village oozes charm and history. Respect the locals’ privacy as you wander through this treasure trove of quaint cottages, cobbled streets, and seafaring tales.

A brush with history

Ahoy, history buffs! Dive into the captivating Aberdeen Maritime Museum on Shiprow. Scale models, epic tales of the high seas, and a colossal replica of an oil platform – it’s like getting lost in a swashbuckling novel! Nearby, the Tolbooth Museum lets you peek into the dark and intriguing world of crime and punishment, as you tread the path of 17th-century prisoners.

A calming walk

Art lovers, your mecca awaits at the rejuvenated Aberdeen Art Gallery. Wander through 19 galleries showcasing the masterpieces of Scotland’s artistic elite. Monet, Hogarth, Reynolds – oh my! And the best part? Admission is as free as the flow of creativity that surrounds you.

The city has too many things to offer

Now, let’s follow the trail of heroes and legends. Robert Burns, William Wallace, and King Robert the Bruce await, immortalised in sculpture form. Aberdeen is practically an open-air museum, so keep your eyes peeled!

No shortage of options

Westward ho! Traverse to Hazlehead Park, a verdant oasis born in the 20s. Ancient woods, meandering trails, and fields where dreams take flight – it’s a paradise for both explorers and history aficionados, as the park holds the legacy of King Robert the Bruce’s hunting forest.

The enchantment

Flutter over to Johnston Gardens, a wonderland of ponds, bridges, and waterfalls. The scenery here is so enchanting that it bagged the Britain in Bloom Public Park Award – a title fit for this flora-filled fantasy.

The journey intensifies

Transport yourself back to the heart of history in Old Aberdeen. Begin at King’s College campus, where 15th-century Gothic buildings and the iconic King’s College Chapel whisper stories of academia and grandeur. Keep your explorer’s hat on – the journey doesn’t end without a visit to the awe-inspiring St. Machar’s Cathedral.

The soothing nature

Adjacent to St. Machar’s Cathedral lies Seaton Park – a haven of green serenity. Walk, play, or simply breathe in the tranquility. And oh, keep an eye out for Wallace Tower, a brick-by-brick transported piece of the past.


Nature’s final curtain call! At the Donmouth Local Nature Reserve, the symphony of seals and the rhythm of the River Don create a sensory masterpiece. Witness wildlife in their natural habitat, a beautiful testament to Aberdeen’s harmony with nature.

Lose yourself happily

Aberdeen, a city that paints its history in every cobblestone, dances with the waves, and whispers tales through its sculptures, gardens, and museums. From the sparkle of the North Sea to the rustle of ancient trees, every corner here offers a slice of the extraordinary. So, lace up those shoes and embark on an adventure that will leave you both exhilarated and bewitched!

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