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Reasons to Consider Permanent Residency in Canada: A Remarkable Opportunity


The country of Canada is quite remarkable. The locals are among the warmest and most welcoming you will ever encounter, and because of the forward-thinking policies of the government, the employment market is thriving. Some persons who come to Canada in search of employment wind up remaining for years without ever submitting an application to become permanent residents; rather, they just keep getting their work permits extended on an annual basis. If you are thinking about putting down roots in Canada or can do so as a result of your work history in the country, your abilities, or your education, here are seven reasons why you should consider making permanent residency Canada.

Why You Should Think About Becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada

The government of Canada provides its permanent residents with services in the fields of health, welfare, and education.

Unlimited access to a public healthcare system that ranks among the best in the world is an absolute need, regardless of whether you feel you require its services. It would be to your advantage to make use of the numerous social services that are available, many of which are supported by the provincial government as well as the federal government. When it comes to their education, young permanent residents Canada have access to a publicly funded school system that is free up to the age of twenty.

There are no restrictions for work based on a person’s location in Canada.

Because work permits are often associated with a particular company, you will typically be required to submit a new application for one if you switch employment. When you become a permanent resident of Canada, you can work and dwell in any part of the nation you want. It is only fair that people applying for permanent residency in Canada from MDS Consulting must first live and work in the province that nominated them for permanent residency as part of the Provincial Nomination Program before they are free to travel anywhere else in the country. This requirement was implemented as part of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

It is easy to go to other parts of the world, including the United States.

Are you considering taking a quick weekend vacation to the Big Apple or Sin City? Once you acquire permanent status in Canada and many other nations, you are free to travel to and from the country at any time. The Canadian passport was ranked ninth in the world in 2020 because it enables its holders to visit 183 countries without the need for time-consuming and complicated visa applications in those nations.

Your standing as a Permanent Resident cannot be changed in any way.

You are only in danger of having your status as a permanent resident in Canada removed if you commit a significant crime or fail to perform residence obligations (such as those listed above under the Provincial Nomination Program). This is the case even if you still need to complete residency requirements. You will be regarded as a permanent resident of Canada if you spend at least two years out of every five living in the country.

The following thing for you to do is to apply to become a citizen of Canada.

After five years of holding permanent resident status in Canada, you are eligible to sit the Canadian citizenship exam, provided that you have also spent at least three of those five years physically present in the country. This need is in addition to the five years of having permanent residence status.

You can begin the process of sponsoring your family right now.

There will be no more work visas or marriage visas for foreigners in the future. Seek permanent status in Canada and sponsor your common-law partner and any dependant children. They can join you permanently in Canada rather than the Refused entry to Canada. Suppose you are a permanent resident of the United States and fall in love with another person who is not a permanent resident. In that case, you can apply for that person to join your family.

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