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The Strange Starting Points of Emperor Palpatine’s Lightsaber


Darth Sidious, or Emperor Palpatine Lightsaber, was one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the Star Wars universe. He possessed tremendous power and authority as the one who orchestrated the Galactic Republic’s demise and the Galactic Empire’s rise. His lightsaber, a weapon he used to devastating effect against his enemies, was one of his most iconic possessions. However, this lightsaber came from yet to be discovered. According to some theories, it has been attributed to Palpatine himself or a long-dead Sith Lord. We’ll look into where Emperor Palpatine lightsaber might have come from and figure out what’s so mysterious about this famous weapon in this investigation.

Specifications –

Darth Sidious, a patron of the arts, clearly influenced the Sith Lord’s love of antiquity when crafting his initial weapon. The body of the lightsaber was molded from a nearly indestructible phrik combination, while the level producer was made out of Gaudium. The entire gun had an elegant and refined electrum finish. The focusing crystal of the weapon was a synthetic crystal. Sidious, always pragmatic, had already prepared a backup lightsaber.

Although every apprentice was taught to use a lightsaber as part of their training, the Sith usually had enough power to fight without one. Sidious thought that he and his friends had outgrown the use of lightsabers and that all they did with them was make fun of the Jedi.

History  –

Creation and early use –

 Darth Sidious made his first lightsaber while he was apprenticed and used it throughout his Sith training under Darth Plagueis. When he first got into politics, he kept his lightsaber hidden inside a Sistros statue made of uranium, and the statue was built around his lightsaber. The weapon remained concealed within the figure until Palpatine required it for at least two decades. During this period, the Sith Master had to go through back weapons when he expected to employ a lightsaber. He even had to use his gun and his Master’s lightsaber at one point. At another point, he made a second lightsaber as a reinforcement weapon.

Mandalore –

When Darth Sidious discovered that his previous disciple Darth Batter was alive following a twelve-year exile and was on Mandalore with his sibling Savage Opress having conquered the planet, Sidious took his two lightsabers with him. They ventured to the Sundari Regal Castle in his van and stood up to the two Zabrak siblings. After trading brief words with Destroy, he pulled out and utilized two lightsabers to battle the two. He used flighty, however familiar, developments during the duel, in any event, making a special effort to cut up the floor of the royal residence.

Although he could not defeat the brothers quickly, Sidious was ultimately able to break them apart and proved too strong for them. Sidious initially avoided Opress’s movements with little effort when Opress was recovering from a kick from Sidious without his lightsaber before he engaged Maul’s brother with his lightsaber. He outmatched Opress and killed the Nightbrother by impaling him with his lightsabers. Sidious, trading brief words again, jumped down with lightsabers and dueled Hammer with fearsome savagery. Even though Maul fought much harder, Sidious could disarm the Zabrak Sith Lord and incapacitate Maul by concealing his lightsabers in the folds of his robes after winning the duel.

Korriban –

On Coruscant, Darth Sidious wanted to go after Jedi Expert Yoda (who was then on Korriban) with Sith magic; To accomplish this, he capitalized on the relationship that Darth Tyranus, his second apprentice, had with the aging Jedi Master. Sidious created an illusion fueled by the Force of lightning of both Sith Lords with a drop of Tyranus’ blood. Sidious created a second illusion: Yoda was aboard a Republic gunship headed for the Works district of Coruscant after failing to fool Yoda with an illusion of Sifo-Dyas. Yoda and Sidious engaged in a lightsaber duel on an outdoor walkway after Anakin Skywalker engaged Tyranus in a lightsaber duel, which resulted in Tyranus falling, foreshadowing Skywalker’s actual death. Sidious incapacitated Anakin using Force lightning despite his even fight with Yoda. When Anakin’s unconscious body began to fall off the walkway that Sidious had destroyed, things turned wrong as Sidious continued to fight Yoda. After finishing his final test, Yoda awoke from the nightmare vision and returned to Coruscant.

Conflict within the Senate –

Like his most memorable weapon, Palpatine disguised this lightsaber at his disposal. Palpatine brandished the gun when the Jedi Grand Master Yoda confronted him following Order. They appeared to be fighting against each other during their lightsaber duel until Yoda freed Sidious’s lightsaber from his grasp. The defeated Galactic Emperor telekinetically attacked Yoda. Emperor palpatines lightsaber attempted to overwhelm the Jedi Master by hurling multiple pods with the Force while leaping onto one of the delegation pods in the Senate arena. The ferocious duel ended when Yoda could stop Sidious’s telekinetic attack and force him to close range. The Sith Lord then used Force Lightning to take Yoda’s lightsaber away, but Yoda got it back after much fighting. The blast that followed caused Sidious and Yoda to be separated, and the small Master decided to retreat.

Stolen –

Palpatine sat back and let Darth Vader confront Galen Marek in 2 BBY to rescue the Rebel leaders who had just been captured. Marek confronted him and Darth Vader. Emperor palpatine’s lightsaber began pleading with Marek to kill Vader and become his apprentice after the cyborg beat him. As Marek considered the thought, they caught Jedi, and Dissident pioneer Rahm Kota got a move on. Kota killed the guards holding him before leaping at Palpatine and telekinetically seizing his lightsaber.

With a bolt of Force lightning, Palpatine felled Kota. Notwithstanding, Kota’s activities provoked Marek to go after the Head instead of Vader, during which Palpatine battled his aggressor with both the power and his, as of late, recuperated lightsaber within reach. The One Sith desired to acquire this weapon to survive the Legacy era.

Replacement –

Palpatine was using a different blue-bladed lightsaber that he carried with him on Byss by 10 ABY. In his lab in the Royal high position world, Sidious kept various taken Jedi lightsabers on the off chance that he wanted them. On the Super Star Destroyer Eclipse, he found out that Luke Skywalker had left the dark side through the efforts of his twin sister, Leia Organa Solo. Sidious attacked Luke with the blue lightsaber out of rage. Regardless of the Sith Master’s savage power, he was surprised by Skywalker. The Eclipse and Sidious’s clones were destroyed just minutes later.

Conclusion  –

Palpatine’s lightsabers were the arrangements of practically unclear individual electrum-finish lightsabers of Darth Sidious, who worked during his apprenticeship under Darth Plagueis. Even though Sidious was a skilled and deadly fighter, he only used his weapons when necessary because they would have immediately recognized him as a Sith Lord.

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